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Get the detailed statistics on Bitcoin Blockchain: blocks, addresses and transactions. Blocks found by ViaBTC ViaBTC is a Bitcoin, Litecoin and BitcoinCash mining pool. By mining in the ViaBTC pool, miners support the Bitcoin Unlimited version which in turn supports larger block limits. ViaBTC charges a 4% fee for the PPS payment system and a 2% fee for the PPLNS Due to regulatory pressure from Chinese authorities ViaBTC ceased trading 25th September 2017 History: Founded in May 2016, ViaBTC is a cryptocurrency technology company that operates a mining pool, mining contracts and the ViaBTC exchange. The ViaBTC exchange is a China-based website, allowing users to trade BTC and ETH for CNY. The ViaBTC exchange features advanced Trading View charts and. ViaBTC Might Block Segwit, Calls 1MB blocks Network Suicide; Moves to Bitcoin Unlimited Andrew Quentson in Headlines Markets News & Opinions October 12, 2016, 6:25 PM The never-ending bitcoin blocksize debate returns to the forefront as ViaBTC, a new pool with around 10% network hashrate, moves all of its mining operations to Bitcoin Unlimited

Committed to the concept of security, transparency, fairness, and freedom for all these years, ViaBTC Pool respects the needs of the market as well as the majority of miners, integrates industrial.. Currently, ViaBTC is signalling a vote for 2MB blocks in the coinbase of the blocks we mine, although we will continue to produce blocks with a maximum size of 1MB so as to follow what is currently accepted by Nakamoto consensus to be the rules of the bitcoin network ViaBTC | Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining is a fund management company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. We are team of experienced traders and financial analysts who have years of experience in different markets. More Information According to blockchain.info, over the past 24 hours, ViaBTC has accounted for 7.3% of the blocks discovered, though this has been as high as 9.6% in recent days Bitcoin Cash Blockchain Overview. It is currently... 3,640.06x. more expensive. to transact on Bitcoin (BTC) in USD. . It is currently... 2.10%. more profitable. to mine on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Blocks Mined by Bitcoin Client. Blocks signaling more than one implementation are only counted once in the chart above ViaBTC found one in four blocks, which is rather disappointing and surprising. The pool has been advocating BCH for some time now yet is still a minority mining entity This block (672532) was mined at 8:30am UTC. The previous block (672531) included only 1 transaction (HathorMM, aaarg!). The block before (672530) was mined at 7:12am UTC

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block 686674, hash: 00000000000000000165d47e644edd84061fb62799223ccf925908da4f11534d, date: 2021-05-0 ViaBTC's transaction accelerator is a FREE service for the Bitcoin community to accelerate the BTC transactions. It also runs paid services for accelerating Bitcoin transactions in case of emergencies, experiments or genuine low fee problems Dogecoin blockchain explorer is launched.殺 https://explorer.viabtc.com/dog

Bitcoin Cash / Block / 685176 — Blockchair. Menu. English. English Español Français Italiano Nederlands Português Русский 中文 فارسی Türkçe Вahasa Indonesia. Blockchair Awesome . Find, review, and compare crypto and blockchain services in one place. Blockchair News #1 ViaBTC Its transaction accelerator service started in 2017 as a protest against a limitation of 1 MB blocks. Their service is free for the community and gives priority to the transactions who have paid extra fee for the acceleration service It appears ViaBTC feels Bitcoin Unlimited has the majority it needs to activate on the network, although that is a rather premature train of thought

ViaBTC ETH (Ethash) Mining-Rechner | Preis: 0.000000000000 USD | Schwierigkeit: 0 | Netzwerk-Hashrate: 0 H/s | Block Reward: VIABTC ETH | Zeigen Sie die Liste mit ViaBTC ETH Mining-Pools, historischen Daten und verfügbarer Mining-Software und -Hardware an BTC. This address has transacted 25,322 times on the Bitcoin blockchain. It has received a total of 262,692.70218921 BTC ($9,835,193,754.55) and has sent a total of 262,605.16856006 BTC ($9,831,916,502.48). The current value of this address is 87.53362915 BTC ($3,277,252.07). Show Address QR Code Green block means that it signalled readiness for Taproot activation, red block means that it did not. Transparent blocks are upcoming blocks within this period. Signalling is not voting

ViaBTC currently accounts for about 15.7 percent of the BCH hashrate, as measured by the total number of blocks its pool has mined over the past seven days. CoinEX, meanwhile, ranks as the 34th-largest cryptocurrency exchange, with a daily volume of $44.6 million Stöd för större block Förutom deras betydande andel av nätverks hash-hastigheten har ViaBTC också fått lite berömmelse på grund av deras hållning på Bitcoin block size debatten. På Twitter noterade minebassängen, Vi är nr 5 Bitcoin gruvbassäng, som kör Bitcoin Core för närvarande intresserad av stora [block] Viabtc | A Bitcoin transaction you have sent or you should receive is still unconfirmed?. We can help you to speed up this transfer so that it can reach confirmations within 15-30 minutes. Cooperating with major Bitcoin pools, we are able to provid OKLink is world leading BTC Explorer, LTC,ETH EXplorer.OKLink Explorer offers BTC ViaBTC Pool Market Share,BTC ViaBTC Block Number,OKLink Blockchain Explorer. Brings you the best experience

Blocks signaling more than one implementation are only counted once in the chart above. Blocks Mined by Bitcoin Client Compatibility ViaBTC t /ViaBTC/Mined by usbitcoin/,mmO9 ż n U @k\k E =⪺- 5 a O 1,883: 1,335.68: 3,993.62: 685246: 2 hours ago: 0x3fffe000: Unknown t Ω`BTCPoolmmsi70x :Nw Z q ViaBTC Accelerator. A Bitcoin transaction you have sent or you should receive is still unconfirmed? We can help you to speed up this transfer so that it can reach and there are more transactions than there is space available in each new block to include the transaction Once a block is found, the pool pays the miners according to the amount of shares they received. ViaBTC. Pros: Additional coins supported, daily payouts. Cons: 4% fees for PPS, 2% for PPLNS. Launched in 2016 and headquartered in China, ViaBTC is a medium mining pool ViaBTC ETC (Etchash) mining calculator | Price: 0.000000000000 USD | Difficulty: 0 | Network hashrate: 0 H/s | Block reward: VIABTC ETC | Check the list of ViaBTC ETC mining pools, historical data, and available mining software and hardware When each block is mined (usually by a mining pool like ViaBTC), it adds all of the transactions in it to the blockchain. Bitcoin Cash was created to increase the limit on the amount of transactions the Bitcoin network could handle in order to reduce the need for users to compete to pay a high enough fee to get their transactions included in a block

Viabtc | A Bitcoin transaction you have sent or you should receive is still unconfirmed?We can help you to speed up this transfer so that it can reach confirmations within 30-45 minutes. Cooperating with major Bitcoin pools, we are able to provid Never had any trouble with Viabtc trustfull & reliable Pool, one of the biggest pool worldwide you can start mining refreshing management approach. Tool on site to include low (>.0001 BTC) fee transactions in their next mined block, thanks. Definitely will consider a mining contract, and would have joined the pool back in the day. SoChain. Wow. The Fastest Bitcoin Block Reader. Price: 35,792.87 USD/฿ Hashrate: 147.49 EH/s: Activity-.-- TX/min: Unconfirmed Tx bitaps.com provides Bitcoin explorer web service allowing to track transactions, blocks and address balances. Bitcoin tools, payment processing and open API

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ViaBTC can handle 100 transactions per hour, so if it's not picked up the first time, resubmit it at the start of the next hour and keep your fingers crossed. There's also a paid service for which you will need to set up an account with ViaBTC Two of Bitcoin Cash's leading personalities are debating whether to reduce BCH block times by a factor of 10. ViaBTC CEO Haipo Yang wrote online that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block times should be reduced from 10 minutes to 1 minute to improve user experience. I believe Bitcoin Cash should decrease the block time from 10min [ Why ViaBTC Rejects SegWit Soft Fork in Favor of Block Size Hard Fork: Interview With Haipo Yang. Since blocks first started filling up about a year ago, the bitcoin price has doubled OKLink is world leading BTC Explorer, LTC,ETH EXplorer.OKLink Explorer offers DASH ViaBTC Pool Market Share,DASH ViaBTC Block Number,OKLink Blockchain Explorer. Brings you the best experience

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Haiyang also made ViaBTC's support for an increase in the block size limit very clear. I support bigger blocks, he said. Obviously, the current 1MB block size restricts the development of Bitcoin ViaBTC gives priority to user-submitted transactions for the next mined blocks by the ViaBTC pool. The only requirement is the transaction must include a minimum fee of .0001BTC/KB.The free-to-use nature of the service may have made it widely popular as every hour, the number of transaction requested reaches its limit and it is common to be presented with the message Submissions are beyond.

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ViaBTC is a Chinese based mining pool started in 2016, with a worldwide presence consisting of servers in over 130 countries. It is a leader in mining and supports over a dozen coins that includes. ViaBTC is one of the highest-rated Litecoin mining pools worldwide. In addition to Litecoin, the pool supports mining of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Zcash. Despite the fact that viaBTC is a relatively new member among mining pools, it continues to attract users by reliable services Height Age Miner Size (kB) 685332: 49 seconds ago: ViaBTC: 1,441.74: 685331: 28 minutes ago: AntPool: 1,312.07: 685330: 34 minutes ago: Unknown: 1,324.02: 685329: 42.

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and there are more transactions than there is space available in each new block to include the transaction. Sending a very small amount with insufficient fees All bitcoin transactions require a miner fee to be confirmed by the bitcoin network ViaBTC: Mining Pool, Cloud Mining and Bitcoin Revolutionaries Although ViaBTC just launched in June of 2016, it is already a powerhouse within the Bitcoin mining world.Not only does it command insanely high hashing power and with it, a significant percentage of the found blocks; it also is backed by one of the leading tech firms in the industry, as well ViaBTC Cloud Mining Review ViaBTC.com does the cloud mining operations that make access to the bitcoins possible. The firm promises buyers dependable income https://blockchaincasinos.online/, because as of proper now ViaBTC.com is the fifth largest bitcoin mining pool in the world. ViaBTC follows PPS (4% cost) and PPLNS (2% charge) payment modes

viabtc.com Pools list. Bitcoin (BTC) : 1LvhYUKQmXcEixPBv4fHAbuaJZ9R84Lw9Q Ethereum (ETH) : 0x02bca83dbbbc0676b9777c6b2c9d86a61cf224d0 Litecoin (LTC. ViaBTC . ViaBTC started its service back in 2017 challenging the 1MB limit of Bitcoin blocks. The service is free but charges an extra amount for low transaction fees or transactions that are urgent. The free service is available at 100 accelerations per hour

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  1. ing pools for
  2. Haipo Yang, ViaBTC's founder and former employee at the Chinese internet giant Tencent, expressed strong criticism in a brief interview with CCN toward
  3. In the process, you're unaware of how transaction confirmation works, so you mistakenly choose a lesser transaction fee, and now the whole payment is stuck, as well as taking longer than usual.. Don't worry, as I've got your back right there. Just read this guide to understand how you can reverse, or release your unconfirmed BTC transaction.. If your Bitcoin transaction got stuck, and.
  4. ating set dust limits and encouraging zero transactions, has been made. In particular, CoinGeek and nChain stated that two new
  5. ViaBTC started this Bitcoin transaction acceleration service in 2017 as a protest against 1 MB block size. Since then the service is active and gives priority to those transactions that have paid an extra fee for the acceleration of transactions

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  2. From 10% to 6%. If ViaBTC looses more 2% of their hashrate they loose all leverage and can't block Segwit Submitted November 20, 2016 at 02:02AM by EsotericSN via reddi
  3. Open-source, easy-to-use, educational Bitcoin explorer whose only dependency is your Bitcoin Core node
  4. ing Ethereum, Bitcoin, Horizen (great Zen pool), go on
  5. ViaBTC - Extraction Statistics. Website: https://www.viabtc.com/ Extracted: Loading....

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Find all information about ViaBTC Token (VIAT) | Blockchain, Supply, Github, Social, Markets & Trends | 10K+ Coins listed on Blockspot.i Additionally, solutions exist to maintain a consistent block reward halving schedule, even if a consensus rule change is adopted in between halvings. ViaBTC currently accounts for about 15.7. I lost about €21.500,00 to viabtc whenSeek refund. I lost about €21.500,00 to viabtc when they closed my mining contract and wont reply my messages.my lawyer and interpol could not get my money back.I later stumbled upon a recovery company by at a tech summit and they helped me get my money back in 3 weeks .reach them by mail on admin(at)wegetrefunds.Do not suffer in silence.Seek help no

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ViaBTC. ViaBTC is another pool with a rather wide selection of coins. Here you can mine BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, ETC, LTC, etc. The payout model: the pool supports PPS+, PPLNS, and SOLO (the entire block reward goes to the miner who mined it). The pool is available to users from over 130 countries Visual bitcoin private key generator. The square 16x16 is used for generation purposes, where each cell is one bit - 0 or 1. Make your visual drawings or use the generator in coin mode just fllipping the coin and fill the corresponding cell depending on the coin outcome Bitcoin Unlimited advocated for miner flexibility to increase the block size limit and is supported by mining pools ViaBTC, AntPool and investor Roger Ver. Bitcoin Unlimited's proposal is different from Bitcoin Core in that the block size parameter is not hard-coded, and rather the nodes and miners flag support for the size that they want, using an idea they refer to as 'emergent consensus.

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  1. ing recently announced the launch of Ethereum
  2. ing pool demonstrates a return to reality by many organizations, as they come to grips with the fact that BSV has been more solid than.
  3. ing pool has seen some major growth over the past few months. Although struggling initially, things have finally picked up. More specifically, the launch of Bitcoin Cash has.
  4. ViaBTC Holds the Biggest Share of BSV Mining, Supports One-Click Switch and Offers 0 Rate and BSV Mining Rewards Sharing January 16, with the lowest orphan block rate
  5. BTM Block Explorer - BTM Blocks, Transactions, Addresses and Mining dat

ViaBTC Only Mined 25% of all Bitcoin Cash Blocks so fa

A map of the world filled with data from the Bitcoin network, including mining pool locations, latest blocks, and network performance SoChain. Wow. The Fastest Bitcoin Block Reader. Price: 37,833.60 USD/฿ Hashrate: 161.58 EH/s: Activity-.-- TX/min: Unconfirmed Tx ViaBTC is one of the most famous mining pools offering accelerator services at least for now. In the future, block space on the main Bitcoin blockchain may become very scarce. If so, it may be impossible to get your transaction included with fees set at 1sat/byte. This is especially true once the block subsidy runs out Just embed a small block of code in your website, and you'll immediately have any address's balance, received, sent, first date, last date, and transaction count shown on your page. It will be safely contained in an IFrame to easily give your users up-to-date blockchain data ViaBTC launched New Year discounts for Cloud Mining contract promotion, Since its launch, the mining pool has been normally running for 99.99% of the time, with the lowest orphan block rate

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A few minutes ago ViaBTC mined a 4

Transaction Feed - Block explorers allow you to explore any transaction in any block that has already been mined and is currently attached to the Bitcoin blockchain. 3. Transaction History Of A Given Address - Using a Bitcoin block explorer, you can check the history of any public Bitcoin address and audit how many transactions it has received, its balance, etc ViaBTC is a China-based company that controls 13% of the total hashing power of Bitcoin. It offers three payment methods: PPS+, PPLNS, and SOLO. The fees are 4%, 2%, and 1%, respectively During the past six months, ViaBTC generated around 11.5% of total bitcoin blocks, and it currently maintains a pool hashrate of 2.772 Exahash per second (EH/s) for its bitcoin mining pool. 5. Slus

These blocks are mined by Bitcoin miners and are used to record newly confirmed Bitcoin transactions. However, since Bitcoin has a block size of just 1Mb and a block discovery time of 10 minutes only the highest fee transactions get added to the next block. How to use the ViaBTC accelerator The ViaBTC pool produced a 1.9 MB block which is not valid on the legacy Bitcoin network because bitcoin has a 1 MB limit. This new block did not have the 1 MB limit, and instead, it included 1.9 MB. It causes a split which resulted in the creation of Bitcoin Cash Back in September 2017, ViaBTC had closed its exchange, under pressure from Chinese regulators, following the lead of BTC China. However, it kept its mining pool and cloud mining services going. Last September, the People's Bank of China once more warned of investments in ICOs and cryptocurrencies, amid continued underground transactions in the country The web portals btc.com and viabtc.com, both offer transaction accelerators, and txstreet.com indicate that the current fee to get into the next BCH block is only $0.0035 or a third of a penny

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Blockchain Known Pools Tracking Info. Contribute to blockchain/Blockchain-Known-Pools development by creating an account on GitHub Ethereum Block Height 10478036. The timestamp, block reward, difficulty, gas used and the number of transactions in the block are detailed on Etherscan

ViaBTC aims at providing the best mining services always developing and updating its software and hardware. It serves users from over 130 countries and offers to get a wallet which can be accessed from the mobile device as well ViaBTC is a newly launched Bitcoin mining pool consists of Bitcoin, Litecoin and BitcoinCash mining pool. ViaBTC follows PPS (4% fee) and PPLNS (2% fee) payment modes. The minimum payout offered by this site is 0.0001 BTC

ViaBTC in Support of Big Blocks, Becomes 2nd LargestWhat are PPS+, PPLNS and SOLO? – ViaBTC Help CenterBCH Mining – ViaBTC Help CenterStress Test & Big Blocks: BCH Network Confirms 2MWhat is Bitcoin, and What Will It Become? A 10-Year
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