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Stäng fullskärmsläge. Havredryckstillverkaren Oatly får stark kritik för att man tar in en kontroversiell riskkapitaljätte som delägare. Det är amerikanska Blackstone som anklagas för att skövla regnskogar i Brasilien och bryta mot mänskliga rättigheter Oatly Criticized for Blackstone Sale, Possible Ties to Deforestation. by Victoria Campisi. September 2, 2020. Swedish alternative-dairy company Oatly is facing protests by climate and political activists over its decision to sell a stake to Blackstone, a private equity firm that is blamed for contributing to deforestation in the Amazon, reported. 2,489. 2489. Vegan milk brand Oatly is facing protests by climate and political activists who say the decision to sell a stake in the company to a consortium that includes Blackstone, a powerful. Instead, our bet is that when Blackstone's investment in our oat-based sustainability movement brings them larger returns than they would have been able to get elsewherea powerful message will be sent to global private equity markets, one written in the only language our critics claim they will listen to: profit

The sustainability-focused business, which uses advertising that focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water conservation, has come under criticism for its involvement with Blackstone. Oatly har fått en hel del kritik för sitt partnerskap med riskkapitaljätten Blackstone. Oatlys argument varför de behövde Blackstones pengar är följande: vi behövde dollars, typ 400 miljoner, för att kunna växa både snabbt och hållbart, då efterfrågan ökar både på de platser där vi redan finns, och vi dessutom lanserar oss på nya ställen och bygger fabriker i Europa, USA och Asien I somras blev det känt att Oatly tagit in 200 miljoner dollar, motsvarande 1,8 miljarder kronor, från en investerargrupp ledd av riskkapitaljätten Blackstone Group, vilket Di tidigare rapporterat. Snart riktades kritik mot beslutet, bland annat från regissören Fredrik Gertten, i Helsingborgs dagblad Oatly is in the process to go out on the stock market (IPO) in the near future. Blackstone, as well as some other new owners, are investing in Oatly in a so called pre IPO, preceeding the soon to be expected IPO. Total ownership by these players constitutes a very small part and they will have no influence on the vision and mission of Oatly

Oatly kritiseras - tar in pengar från Blackston

Amerikanska riskkapitaljätten Blackstone har nyligen genomfört en investeringsrunda och köpt upp 10 procent av svenska Oatly, till ett värde av 1,8 miljarder kronor (200 miljoner dollar). Affären blev offentlig i veckan Blackstone kan liknas vid en private equity sektorns stormarknad, och om vi kan få dem att se att det idag är lika, och långsiktigt mer, lönsamt att satsa på ett hållbarhetsföretag som Oatly så kommer alla riskkapitalister i världen spetsa öronen och börja styra sitt samlade kapital på 4000 miljarder dollar åt ett grönt håll Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. The criticism stems from another company that Blackstone invests in, Brazilian infrastructure company Hidrovias, which has been accused of links to deforestation in the Amazon, by investigative outlet The Intercept. Now - when you buy Oatly, you're just making the 1% even richer; and supporting a larger network of people who are conducting. Instead, our bet is that when Blackstone's investment in our oat-based sustainability movement brings them larger returns than they would have been able to get elsewhere (like, say, from the meat and dairy industry which are one of the major causes of the deforestation in the Amazon today) a powerful message will be sent to the global private equity markets, one written in the only language our critics claim they will listen to: profit Oatly, the cult-favorite In response to recent criticism, a representative of Blackstone Group shared a blog post it published last year with Refinery29. The post refutes claims that Hidrovias.

Oatly Criticized for Blackstone Sale, Possible Ties to

Dairy-alternative darling Oatly has faced criticism for accepting investment from Blackstone - but those who want a more sustainable food system should see the advantages. related to Oatly We strongly urge the Oatly team to reconsider Blackstone's investment and buy back their share. Oatly is amazing, and there are surely many other global investors Oatly can raise money from that aren't committed to destroying our planet. We would love to be able to support Oatly once again in the future Private equity firm Blackstone invested $200 million in Oatly in a deal confirmed in July, and which has in the last week faced scrutiny online. The criticism stems from another company that Blackstone invests in, Brazilian infrastructure company Hidrovias, which has been accused of links to deforestation in the Amazon , by investigative outlet The Intercept After the million-dollar deal with the investment company Blackstone, the organic oat drink producer is experiencing an international call for boycotts by former customers - Oatly backs up. In July, the Swedish oat drink producer Oatly was able to increase its goodwill enormously by selling a shareholding Considered the original oat milk manufacturer and one of the most popular, Swedish company Oatly is facing criticism after it was revealed that it sold a stake to a consortium including Blackstone, headed by Trump donor Stephen Schwarzman. The growing popularity of oat milk in the last few years is undeniable

Activists sour on Oatly vegan milk after stake sold to

Blackstone-backed Oatly files for IPO The firm and a handful of high profile celebrities took a stake in the Sweden-based oat milk producer nine months ago. By. Kimberly Chin. Tuesday April 20, 2021 9:07 am Havremjölkföretaget Oatly tar in Blackstone Group som delägare. Blackstone Group har kopplats till skövling av regnskog. Forskare säger att det handlar om att polera riskkapitalbolagets. Oatly has now been placed in the position of defending the deal. In a statement posted on Twitter, the company said Blackstone may be an unexpected choice, but the investment will help us expand our sustainable mission and create more plant-based products.. The company added: It also steers capital that would've otherwise gone into another commercial investment into. #Oatly has received some criticism recently from #vegans for selling out to Blackstone Group. I share my thoughts on this debate in this video, and I go on a bit of a rant (#sorrynotsorry). Please share your thoughts with me in the comments, I'd love to hear what you think De senaste dagarna har Oatly uppmärksammats i internationella affärsmedier för sin sammankoppling med Blackstone, som är sedan i somras är 10-procentig delägare i bolaget, och den kritik som på grund av det riktats mot dem av kunder och kaféägare

Oatly defends Blackstone funding: 'We need to speak a

Blackstone Growth and Oatly have grown together. Blackstone Growth (BXG), which led the Oatly investment, was established in 2019 by Jon Korngold, a former General Atlantic executive Oat milk sensation Oatly started trading at a $10 billion valuation after an initial public offering that raised $1.4 billion for the Swedish consumer brand. Despite a selloff in U.S. equities that has persisted through the week, the company says the timing for its public listing couldn't be better. We're going to use the proceed Der Haferdrink-Hersteller Oatly wird seit einigen Tagen in der Social-Media-Welt stark kritisiert. Mitte Juli ist eine Investorengruppe mit 10 Prozent eingestiegen, die von der Blackstone Group angeführt wird Thomas Frostberg: Oatlys största problem heter inte Blackstone Den skånska havremjölkstillverkaren Oatly har tagit in nästan två miljarder i riskkapital från bland andra amerikanska Blackstone

Backed By Oprah And Blackstone, Oatly's $10 Billion IPO

#Oatly has received some criticism recently from #vegans for selling out to Blackstone Group. I share my thoughts on this debate in this video, and I go on.. Blackstone, Oatly's second-largest investor, controls a 6.7% stake in the brand, worth $675 million. The company also has a handful of billionaire backers, including Oprah Winfrey, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, and Jay Z's Roc Nation Den hårt kritiserade riskkapitaljätten Blackstone Group går in som delägare i den svenska havredrycksproducenten Oatly. Den svenska havredrycksproducenten Oatly har tagit in 200 miljoner dollar, motsvarande 1,8 miljarder kronor, från ett konsortium lett av riskkapitalbolaget Blackstone. Försäljningen motsvarar runt 10 procent av bolaget och värderar Oatly till cirka 2 miljarder dollar. Oatly themselves say, We thought that if we could convince [Blackstone] that it's as profitable (and in the long-term even more profitable) to invest in a sustainability company like Oatly, then all the other private equity firms of the world would look, listen and start to steer their collective worth of 4 trillion US dollars into green investments Svensk grundade havredryckstillverkaren Oatly fick stark kritik då riskkapitaljätten Blackstone blev delägare av företaget. Blackstone äger och investerar i brasilianska företag som är ansvariga för att skövla Amazonas , samt byggnationen av en motorväg genom regnskogen till en ny hamnterminal dä

Oatly väljer pengarna - grönmålar Blackstone ET

  1. Leading plant-based milk brand Oatly is facing boycotts from previously loyal customers after it sold a 10% stake in the business to a consortium led by Blackstone, a US private equity firm with links to Donald Trump and alleged involvement in deforestation in the Amazon
  2. Trump doesn't even own Blackstone. Trump's campaign recieved a $3.8million donation from Blackstone's CEO out of his own personal wealth (unsurprising - the dude's pretty problematic). The real story here is that a terrible, environment-destroying private equity firm now owns a piece of a supposedly environmentally conscious oat milk brand (making the oat milkers [by whom I mean Oatly.
  3. Oatly replied, saying their investment from Blackstone may be an unexpected choice, but saying the investment will help us expand our sustainable mission and create more plant-based.
  4. Oatly is facing a consumer backlash with some pledging to boycott the brand after it sold a stake to a group of investors led by a private equity consortium Blackstone. The investment was part of a $400 million funding package - half was secured through a green-deal bank loan which commits Oatly to ensure that all of its investments are in sustainable solutions
  5. Oatly defended its decision to take an investment from the private equity firm on Twitter, saying it understood Blackstone was an unexpected choice, but it would help expand our sustainable.

Kaféer bojkottar Oatly efter Blackstones miljardinjektio

  1. The Oatly and Blackstone issue shows that even the most pragmatic of business decisions need to stay true to our brand values. Especially when you've built up a loyal fan-base of ultra-evangelists, every decision will be scrutinized by internal stakeholders and external customers alike
  2. Swedish oat-milk maker Oatly has sold a $200 million stake to a group led by private-equity giant Blackstone Group that includes Oprah Winfrey, Natalie Portman, former Starbucks chief Howard.
  3. Blackstone and Oprah Winfrey buy into oat milk group Oatly. Funding round that includes Jay-Z's Roc Nation values Swedish oat milk maker at roughly $2bn. Oatly, founded in the 1990s,.
  4. Blackstones investering i svenska havredrycksjätten Oatly kommer med flera frågetecken. Oatly har profilerat sig som gröna braschledare medan Blackstone finansierar miljöförstöring och människorättskränkningar. Vi frågar oss hur det ena är förenligt med det andra, och om denna allians verkligen är

Malmö, Sweden and New York, July 14, 2020 - Oatly, the Swedish sustainable food company, today announced that it has further bolstered its plant-based movement through an agreement to invest $200 million in equity led by Blackstone Growth (BXG). Additional investors in the funding round include Oprah Winfrey, Roc Nation, Natalie Portman, former Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard. Oatly's response to critics Oatly argues that what they have done marks a real change. Only when the world's richest people invest in sustainable companies, then we can make a difference Criticism for Oatly. While successful, Oatly's growth has not been plain sailing by any stretch of the imagination. Last July, the company came under fire for securing $200 million from investors led by the Blackstone Group, notorious for destroying the Amazon and funding the Trump election campaign Backed By Oprah And Blackstone, Oatly's $10 Billion IPO Hits The Market . Oat milk sensation Oatly started trading at a $10 billion valuation after an initial public offering that raised $1.4 billion for the Swedish consumer brand

WHAT WE DO We invest in fast-growing companies, helping regional players become global industry champions through the power of the Blackstone platform. Access to the Blackstone Ecosystem *Office count is as of January 29, 2021. All other numbers are as of December 31, 2020. Operating professionals includes Blackstone employees and senior advisors. We don't just [ Varken Oprah Winfrey eller Natalie Portman har fått rabatt vid investeringen i Oatly, i utbyte mot den PR deras kändisskap medför. Varumärket borde bli än starkare, kommenterar Oatlys creative director Martin Ringqvist. Samtidigt kritiseras Oatly för att ta in ännu en delägare med kontroversiella affärer i portföljen Svenska Oatly tar ytterligare steg mot en eventuell börsnotering som väntas ske de kommande 12 till 18 månaderna, skriver den amerikanska tidningen. En investerargrupp ledd av riskkapitaljätten Blackstone Group skjuter nu in drygt 1,8 miljarder kronor i företaget som värderas till cirka 18 miljarder kronor

We Asked Oatly About The Blackstone Deal & Here's What

Nun steht Oatly allerdings für eine 200-Millionen-Dollar-Kooperation mit dem amerikanischen Blackstone-Konzern heftig in der Kritik und kämpft mit einem veritablen Image-Schaden. Der Konzern. In the very first episode of the Soaked by Slush podcast, our guest is the Global Creative Director of Oatly, John Schoolcraft. Oatly has gone a long, long w.. Iskall business bakom Oatlys sköna image I vår dumma tid kan en dryck anses ha värderingar Publicerad: 03 september 2020 kl. 03.30 Uppdaterad: 09 september 2020 kl. 10.0 By Ben Dummett, Miriam Gottfried and Juliet Chung . Swedish oat-milk maker Oatly AB has sold a $200 million stake to a group led by private-equity giant Blackstone Group Inc. that includes Oprah. Stockholm (NordSIP) - During its latest funding round, plant-based food company Oatly attracted US$200 million in investments, including funds from a range of celebrity American investors such as TV presenter Oprah, rapper Jay Z and actress Natalie Portman, as well as from round-organiser Blackstone. Oatly is a Swedish company that offers a broad range of [

Oatly tar in kapital från Blackstone Sv

Oatly's Chinese parent. China Resources is a state-owned conglomerate with businesses across Hong Kong and mainland China in industries including real-estate, construction, healthcare, and finance. Its consumer products division is a smashing success: China Resources Beer, one of its subsidiaries, is the largest homegrown brewery with 25% of China's beer market Oatly faces a storm in a teacup after its links to controversial private equity investor firm Blackstone drew ire on Twitter this week, with activists declaring the brand 'cancelled'. However. Oatly, a company that has built their brand as an ethical and sustainable company, received substantial criticism for deciding to make a 200 $ million-deal with Blackstone, a company that many consider to actively go against matters that Oatly claims to be fighting for Investmentbolaget Blackstone har gjort sig kända för investerar som snarare är motsatsen till det Oatly vill symbolisera. De anklagas för att skövla regnskog genom sitt ägande av flera bolag. Blackstone is a global investment business investing capital on behalf of pension funds, large institutions and individuals and their head of growth investments, Jon Korngold, justified the $200 million investment saying, Oatly is one of those companies that does well by doing good

Därför valde Oatly riskkapitaljätten Blackstone. Oatly har hamnat i blåsväder igen. Havremjölksföretaget anade att det skulle bli oråd men gav sig ändå in i ett samarbete med amerikanska riskkapitaljätten Blackstone, som anklagats för att stå bakom och driva på de stora skogsskövlingarna i Amazonas In a stinging critique of the role of private equity in the housing market UN rapporteur Leilani Farha and co-author Surya Deva, chairperson of the UN Working Group, singled out Blackstone's. Nyheten den 15 juli om att Oatly tagit in nära två miljarder kronor från ett konsortium, med ett av världens största riskkapitalbolag i spetsen, Blackstone Group, togs inte emot väl av alla

Oat milk brand Oatly has come under fire from activists and consumers threatening boycotts after the company signed a $200 million deal in July that included an investment from the private equity firm Blackstone. The firm is headed by Stephen Schwartzman, a major donor to President Trump, Business Insider reported Sedan det amerikanska riskkapitalbolaget Blackstone i somras köpte in sig som delägare i Oatly har det stormat kring den svenska havremjölksproducenten. Ett gyllene tillfälle för de finländska konkurrenterna att erövra den nordiska marknaden? Absolut, här ligger Finland i framkant, menar forskare

Här samlar vi alla artiklar om Oatly. Fler artiklar hittar du i följande artikelserier: Slaget om mjölken, Mjölkkrisen och Vetenskaollen. Andra ämnen som ofta förekommer i artiklar om Oatly är: Svensk Mjölk, SvD Premium, Blackstone Group och Börsnoteringar Roschier represented Blackstone in Oatly's USD 200 million capital raise share The USD 200 million round led by Blackstone Growth, which helps fast-growing companies scale efficiently with the support of Blackstone's global network and platform, will help Oatly, the Swedish sustainable food company, to continue its global expansion and establish new production plants

Blackstone's ideologies, however, don't exactly align with that of Oatly's or its customer base, which is why consumers are extremely disappointed. In September 2019, the Blackstone Group invested in a Brazilian infrastructure company that happens to be responsible for massive amounts of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, according to Private Equity Stakeholder In July, the red-hot vegan milk brand Oatly sold a 10% stake for $200 million to a group of investors led by Blackstone Growth and including Oprah Winfrey, Natalie Portman, Jay Z's Roc Nation, and Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz. The investment valued privately-held Oatly at $2 billion — unicorn status. The Swedish brand is reportedly eyeing an imminent IPO Oatly launched in Sweden in the 1990s, Oatly's growth has been underpinned by funding deals that critics argue run counter to its stated mission. At the time of Blackstone's backing,.

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